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Review: Slayer Labs

While taking the PWK course, I immersed myself in the student labs for many hours a day just hacking away and learning. After passing the exam and finishing my lab time, there was

Tutorial: - WPAD and MitM

While digging into the usage of, I came across this post and video [] that I found pretty intriguing. I was aware of using

Tutorial: Windows SMB Attacks - Part 1

As I had mentioned in my OSCP writeup [], one thing not covered in the course was Active Directory and Windows networks. I've been learning on my own in my

Meterpreter and HTTPS - TLSv1 Issues

While playing around with NTLMRelayx (part of an upcoming post) on various Windows VMs, I found I was having trouble getting a reverse Meterpreter connection over HTTPS from a Windows 7 machine to

OSCP/CTF Scripts

In the spirit of giving back to the community, I'm sharing some simple bash scripts I wrote that make life easier and save time whether you are in the OSCP labs, HackTheBox or