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Hack the Box Writeup: Fortune

This was a very tough box for me and I needed a hint from the forums to complete it - the box is rated 'insane' for a reason! Nmap scan: HTTP shows: I

Meterpreter and HTTPS - TLSv1 Issues

While playing around with NTLMRelayx (part of an upcoming post) on various Windows VMs, I found I was having trouble getting a reverse Meterpreter connection over HTTPS from a Windows 7 machine to

Hack the Box Writeup: LaCasaDePapel

LaCasaDePapel was a little tricky for me because I had never seen one of the things needed to solve it (here's looking at you Psy Shell) and went down a rabbit hole... Nmap

Hack the Box Writeup: Friendzone

This was a fairly straightforward box that was good fun. Nmap scan: I checked out ftp first but anonymous access was disabled. Next up was smb: While enumerating, I found that the Development