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HackTheBox Writeup: Luke

Luke was a medium rated box which was quite accurate for me. As I come from a networking/sysadmin background, some of the web oriented stuff was very confusing to me but hey,

HackTheBox Writeup: Bastion

Bastion was a fairly easy Windows box that involved SAM files and a vulnerability in mRemoteNG. Nmap scan: Netbios is open so let's check out available shares: 'Backups' looks like a juicy target

HackTheBox Writeup: OneTwoSeven

This was quite a challenging box for me but I learned a lot about things. One of the things I love about HackTheBox is performing attacks I read about in the news, in

Hack the Box Writeup: Fortune

This was a very tough box for me and I needed a hint from the forums to complete it - the box is rated 'insane' for a reason! Nmap scan: HTTP shows: I